Does our practice accept insurance?

The Center for Creativity and Healing does not accept insurance. We bill our clients the day of services. We can provide clients with a SuperBill upon their request.

What is a SuperBill?

A SuperBill is an itemized receipt of services with each service’s coordinating insurance code. A SuperBill can be submitted to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.

What are our rates?

Rates at our practice vary by the counselor and their experience and training level. Hourly rates range from $165 to $90. Please contact us for the rates of a specific counselor.

The Center for Creativity and Healing offers in person, virtual and phone sessions.

Do we offer in person and/ or virtual sessions?

What is required of parents looking to have their child begin individual counseling at our practice?

Whether a child’s parents are together, separated or divorced we will always require consent from both parents to begin treatment. The only exception to this policy is if our practice receives a signed court order stating a parent has been stripped of all legal rights. This is a policy our practice upholds to be both ethically and legally responsible.


The Center for Creativity & Healing

4728-C Park Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28209

Phone: (704) 523-5567

** Please use ext. 5 for scheduling & inquires. **​​

Office Hours

Lexi Miller, Office Administration:

    Monday - Friday 10:00-1:00

Maria Curran:

Monday 10:30-5:15

Tuesday 11:00-7:00

Wednesday 12:00-6:00

Thursday 12:00-5:30

Heather Fangman:

Thursday 10:00-7:00

Friday 10:00- 7:00

Kelsey Cahill:

Monday - Friday 4:15-8:00

Alternating Saturdays

Melissa Lloyd:

    Monday - Thursday 10:00-6:30

    Friday 12:00-5:00

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