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Does the TCFCH accept insurance?

The Center for Creativity and Healing does not accept insurance. We bill our clients the day of services. We can provide clients with a Superbill to file themselves upon request. We also accept HSA cards as a form of payment.

What is a Superbill?

A Superbill is an itemized receipt of services with each service’s coordinating insurance code. A Superbill can be submitted to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.

What services are included in a Superbill?

A Superbill covers therapeutic services only. Consultation services, email review charges, court-related fees, and office-related fees are not, and cannot, be included on a Superbill.

What are our rates?

Rates at our practice vary by the therapist, their licensure, and years of experience.

Please call or email to request a fee schedule by clinician.

If you need financial assistance, we can sometimes offer a sliding fee schedule. Please feel free to inquire about our Scholarship Program.

Does TCFCH offer
in-person and virtual sessions?

The Center for Creativity and Healing offers in person, virtual and phone sessions. We have clinicians licensed in TeleHealth services in both North and South Carolina.

What is required of parents wanting to have their child begin individual counseling at our practice?

Research indicates that children benefit from having  both parents involved in their child’s treatment.  If parents are going through separation/divorce we will most likely need both parents to sign our consent and HIPAA forms unless an order from the court is provided indicating that one parent’s rights have been terminated. 

What if therapy is court-ordered?

TCFCH staff follows AFCC guidelines for court-involved therapists and a copy of the order must be provided to the therapist so that an addendum to informed consent can be added to the intake process.

What is TCFCH's current mask policy?

TCFCH is not requiring proof of vaccination or face masks at this time. We do ask that if you believe you have had a recent Covid exposure, you reschedule your session with adequate notice until you have received a negative Covid test. We are abiding all regulations set forth by current CDC recommendations. We do ask that you practice social distancing when possible while in our facility.

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