Supportive Supervised Visitation services are for parents and their children who are experiencing challenges in their relationship due to high conflict divorce dynamics, parental substance abuse struggles, or concerns about abuse or neglect.

Facilitated Visitation supports parents working on strengthening their parenting skills and enhancing their relationship with their child. Visit Facilitators are available 7 days a week and may aid visits in the home or at other locations.  

Supportive Supervised Visitation differs from supervised visitation in that the Visit Facilitator provides parent coaching based on filial therapy principles on an as needed basis to the parent and works to facilitate interaction between family members. This service may provide an adjunct or a step down to reunification therapy.

Supportive Supervised Visitation can also provide assurance for appropriate and safe interaction pending the outcome of a DSS investigation or court ordered evaluation.


Facilitated Visitation operates in a similar fashion and can be helpful for parents with a history of high conflict or who are participating in co-parenting counseling. Facilitated Visitation is also helpful for assessment of parenting skills or just to improve parenting.


This program can also monitor phone and video calls.

All Visit Facilitators either hold a masters degree in counseling, social work or a related field (or are currently in a graduate program in such a field) and have experience supporting the parent-child relationship. In addition they receive training and supervision in high conflict divorce, filial therapy and related topics.


The Visit Facilitator prepares a report after each visit which can be sent to the court or other professionals involved in the case.


Both parents must complete an intake with the Visit Facilitator prior to scheduling a visit. 


Payments for visits must be made 48 hours in advance through our website portal, by retainer or drop off at our office. There is a 2 hour minimum charge regardless of length of the visit and a one hour charge for late cancellation or no show but a two hour late cancel or no show fee may be charged for visits 3 hours or longer.  The hourly rate for either services is $60.00 and the Intake fee of $150.00 covers both parent's intake session.


Anna's background includes a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters degree from Wake Forest University, and a Psychology Bachelors degree from NC State University. She is dedicated to promoting you and your family's well-being and connection. 

Anna Taylor, MA

Melissa is the Program Director for the Facilitated Visitation Program, as well as a Facilitator. 

 Melissa received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Wake Forest University.

Melissa Lloyd, MA, LCMHC-A, NCC


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