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Experience vs. Material Things

Holidays are always an interesting time of year due to just how much planning goes into both vacations and presents. Vacation times are gathered up as much as possible, and people start window shopping just to see what they will get their loved ones this year. Despite all the happiness and excitement all this planning may bring, there is also a familiar stress that most people have come to experience during these holidays due to said planning. It seems that most of the time, movies and shows feed us different expectations on how people should be spending their holidays. Should you go on a two-week holiday trip to get away from all the stress and spend it in complete relaxation either with just you or with the family? Or should you save up and look for the best deals online so that you can buy yourself or a family member the best gift possible? How do you choose?

If you are an individual, be aware of what you enjoy the most. If you enjoy the memories of a good trip and find yourself thinking back to them during times of stress, an experiential gift would be most beneficial. If you have been wanting a particular item for a while and you have the resources to get it, then maybe a material gift would be the right thing for you. If you are with family, have a conversation about what the family would enjoy doing the most and plan around what each family member may want for the holidays. If there are some that want to do trips and others who prefer to stay home and open gifts, a good compromise would be to bring the presents over to wherever you decide to stay for the holidays.

Planning for the holidays should not be a stressful activity; instead it should be treated as a way to remind yourself that you need a break. Whether that break will be in the form of a trip or just a really nice gift that will put a smile on your face, that is a decision that is waiting to be made.

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