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Advocate, Support, Encourage: Why We Should Be Talking About Women's Mental Health

TCFCH March 2024 Blog

Written by Anaya Davis, Counseling Intern

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is dedicated to celebrating the women in your life, becoming informed about gender discrimination, and taking action to make a positive difference for women.

March is Women’s History Month, where we celebrate the integral role women have played in the past, present, and future. As we celebrate the women who have nurtured us, inspired us, and given us purpose, we want to take the opportunity to highlight the importance of healthy mental wellness for women. 

Despite their insurmountable contributions, women have historically been excluded from conversations surrounding mental health. Too often, women’s mental health concerns have been minimized and dismissed based on negative stereotypes and assumptions. This is even more true for women sharing other marginalized identities. It was not until 1993 that legislation was passed to prevent the exclusion of women and minoritized groups from clinical research (National Institutes of Health). This has led to significant disparities in our understanding of women’s health. 

So, how do we support women in achieving healthier mental wellness? Here are a few things we can do this month (and every month) to show up for women’s mental health.

  • Advocate for the inclusion of women in conversations surrounding mental health

  • Support mental health initiatives that center women and minoritized voices

  • Encourage the women in your life to engage in mentally healthy activities, such as taking walks, meditation, and self-care practices

This International Women’s Day, we encourage you to reflect on the impact of women in your own life. Women play an essential role in our world, and it is imperative that we prioritize women’s mental health!

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